She-Hulk Spotted on Tinder to Promote Disney+ Series

she hulk tinder

All eyes right now are on Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which is set to release next week. There have been quite a few trailers and TV spots to promote their latest project. Sometimes they also get quite creative, such as when they had Ms. Marvel greet people on a billboard driving into New Jersey, her hometown. Now, Twitter user @jozopath has uncovered that Marvel Studios and Disney had a rather creative idea on how to promote their latest entry.

Taking to Twitter, they’ve shared the fact that Marvel Studios# currently is advertising the Disney+ series through Tinder, the famous mobile dating site. The character has her own profile on the app, and when you swipe to DM her, you get a fun little list explaining what hse is like with a link to get a reminder when the series releases on August 18th.

It’s definitely a great idea and it fits into what was teased from the project. We’re not getting our usual world-ending event but rather just joining She-Hulk’s journey of balancing her new abilities while also trying to have a normal life. We even had a sequence of her being on Tinder, which makes this a great little tie-in to that brief sequence. We’ll see if Hulk or even Abomination got their own profiles to also further advertise the project.

Ironically, this isn’t the first Marvel series to advertise on Tinder, as Deadpool did the same thing for the first film’s release. There are a lot of fun ideas that one can do with these characters and using the real world adds a lot of tie-ins, especially with uncovering who the audience is for these projects that are slowly starting to diversify their audience.

Source: Twitter

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