Sony Chairman Plans to Have Jon Watts Direct ‘Spider-Man 4’

spiderman 4 jon watts

Jon Watts just recently surprised people with the decision to move away from the upcoming Fantastic Four project. Yet, we learned shortly after that he started work on a new project together with Lucasfilm, which will explore an Amblin-style entry in the Star Wars galaxy. Now that he just wrapped work on one of the biggest Spider-Man film releases of all time with No Way Home, it seems Sony Chairman isn’t ready to let him go quite yet. In an interview with Deadline, Tom Rothman confirmed that he hopes for Watts to return to the director’s chair for the fourth MCU Spider-Man entry.

On one hand, many have hoped that a new creative team would take the reigns as Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man takes a more grounded approach. Now that he’s seemingly unshackled from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they can rewrite his future as part of the franchise. Yet, it seems that Sony wants to keep Watts heavily involved, as well as see the return of Zendaya as MJ.

Now, that also raises the question of how big of a role she could have considering she is heading out to MIT and has completely forgotten who Peter Parker is. Of course, she may be visiting New York City, it is her home after all, and they bump into each other. She will only remember him as the stranger she met at the coffee shop. He’s not officially signed on and things may change as more get a chance to potentially pitch their take on the character.

Source: Deadline

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