Sony Currently Not Developing a ‘God of War’ Film or Series

god of war film

Sony is currently on a new high developing film or TV series based on their most popular franchises. The new direction will be kicked off with the Tom Holland-led Uncharted film. We also already heard of a TV series based on Twisted Metal and the recent hit Ghost of Tsushima getting a film treatment. Of course, it led to speculation that some of their other classic IPs would also get some cinematic love moving forward, but it looks like one project remains a pure gaming property for now. In a New York Times article on the resurgence of gaming adaptations, Sony’s spokesman confirms that a God of War adaptation is currently not in development.

So, the question is why aren’t they developing something surrounding one of their most popular franchises? There could be multiple reasons as the next entry is around the corner. Sony might not want to cause any confusion with the franchises’ move towards Nordic mythology while any adaptations return to their Greek roots. It would be a clever way to help newcomers to the franchise explore the character’s origins.

As the article states, it doesn’t exclude that a project might be in the pipeline later down the line. There is a good chance we could potentially see them start development at a later time, as they will focus on current projects. Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted, Twisted Metal, and what other projects are kind development might take up enough time. A project recreating the Greek pantheon might be quite costly and better off kept if other investments pay off.

Source: NY Times

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