Sony Embraces ‘Morbius’ Memes by Expanding its Theatrical Run

morbius meme

It’s more morbin’ time ahead of us, as Sony has dived into the meme that’s developed around the film Morbius. Jared Leto‘s first attempt at a superhero entry starring the Living Vampire, Michael Morbius, underperformed quite a bit at theaters. It only managed to pull in $163M and is now returning to theaters, as people have been enjoying a few memes playing around with the “Morb” aspect of the name. It even created a very passionate Discord community, and a fan just streamed the entire film on his Twitch.

It’s definitely strange to see a film like this earn its cult status, even if it is mostly ironic. The film will now expand to over 1,000+ theaters in the United States. Sony would let a chance slip by if they didn’t bank on its return to fandom online. While it may never break bank, it could live on to earn a status not too dissimilar from The Room. Touted as one of the worst films made, there are countless fan screenings with in-jokes which even led to Tommy Wiseau seeing a resurgence on YouTube.

Meme culture has given many films a life beyond what one would expect, and it’s always fun to see the unexpected happen in this industry. Only time will tell if Morbius has the makings of joining countless fan streaming as people shout out for a morbin great time while sitting in a theater with other Morbius fanatics. Morbius time has only begun, as a new morbin’ era is upon us.

Source: ComicBook

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