Sony Gives Their ‘SPIDER-MAN’ Cinematic Universe an Official Name

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All eyes were on the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s trailer last night. Sony timed the release to perfectly coincide with their panel at Cinecom. The panel did include some other surprises, such as ScreenRant sharing that Sony finally gave its franchise a name. Up until now, it was known as Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, or SPUMC, for short but it seems they finally decided to rebrand it. They’re going with the rather simple title of “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.”

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What makes this naming interesting is that they’ll likely keep Spider-Man at the center of these projects. It also is a sign that they’ll continue building up their franchises, which will see the inclusion of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Morbius, and the recently confirmed Kraven the Hunter film. It’ll be interesting to see if they also release an official branding and some kind of timeline for these projects. As they continue to build upon these Marvel brands, Marvel Studio’s films stand out through their fanfare. So, it might not be a bad idea to help audiences distinguish it and highlighting it as a Sony-Marvel project through a unique opening. I may also just want to hear the iconic Spider-Man theme with every film.

This naming may also hint that Spider-Man: No Way Home will build towards this universe, as we got the hint of classic villains from the original Sam Raimi franchise making a return. So, if they are building upon the multiverse, we might either see Peter Parker crossover into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, or another Spider-Man takes over that role. Morbius did include a cameo by Vulture but had Raimi‘s suit design in the background. The Daily Bugle in Venom is also the one we saw in the films from the early 2000s. Perhaps we get an alternative version of the character in this part of the multiverse while Marvel continues working on their own.

Source: ScreenRant

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