Sony Players Supposedly Receiving ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Refunds

So, I confess I haven’t covered Cyberpunk 2077 as I wanted to. The game has been on my radar for some time, but looking at it graphically, I felt like it was something I wanted to reserve for my next-gen experience. Now that I was not able to get my hands on a PlayStation 5, my plans got delayed even further. From what I’ve gathered, the release has been far from what people expected. CD Projekt RED received great scores from critics, but only for the PC version. As the IGN review pointed out, they weren’t given a console version and couldn’t use their recorded footage. Shortly after release, the console’s reception by fans ended up at a 2.8 on PlayStation 4 and 3.6 for Xbox One. Cyberpunk 2077’s sales were 41% on consoles, so a substantial part of their player base was affected. Many players then took to Twitter to share their frustration with the game’s issues.

Now, it looks like the game’s reception has hit a boiling point, as Sony is officially issuing refunds for the PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 version. This kind of refund only occurs in extreme cases on the console, as Forbes points out. It is especially prevalent as they do not have a return policy. I have heard that there are issues even on newer consoles, and the PC version is littered with enough bugs as well that can hamper some experiences. I still want to give the game a chance, as the world you are presented with and the story sounds intriguing. It is strange to see such a high-profile release face these kinds of issues once again.

Many recent releases, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion have faced bug-related issues. In some way, it felt like Marvel’s Avengers was just the beginning of the pandemic showing its influence on the development cycle. Even Spider-Man: Miles Morales had a variety of bizarre bugs even with Insomniac’s history of polish. Cyberpunk 2077 could have fallen victim to a similar issue that has been a growing trend as of late. It’ll be interesting to see if 2021’s early releases will also be affected moving forward or developers were finally able to adjust to the current situation.

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