Sony Purchased ‘Destiny’ Developer Bungie in $3.6B Deal

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Sony, the company behind the gaming console PlayStation, is set to acquire Bungie in a landmark $3.6 billion deal. The story was first broke by Bloomberg’s Jason Schrier, it appears the gaming giant is looking to expand PlayStation studios by adding the original Halo devs to their portfolio. With this deal, PlayStation is also set to acquire the rights to Destiny as well as any other original projects Bungie is working on, including the rumored PVP game that was hinted at in the past.

It has officially been shared by the Head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, shortly after:

An Official blog post from Sony and Bungie has been released, including details about Bungie staying multi-platform and an independent publisher. Also included are reactions from the heads of both companies. Bungie and PlayStation have promised that Bungie will remain an independent developer and publisher, likely in a move to keep Destiny as a multi-platform game akin to Sony Online Entertainment’s status back when they were still owned by Sony.

However, there is no word if this is only for Destiny, or if Bungie’s other in-development IP will be included in this approach. I’d be surprised to see all Bungie games across all platforms, especially with Microsoft only promising Call of Duty on PlayStation for the next three years. With both FireSprite Games and Bungie working on competitive PVP first-person shooters, it certainly seems like PlayStation is gearing up to compete with Microsoft’s Call of Duty and Halo franchises.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation Blog

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