‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ LeBron James’ Tune Squad Jersey Revealed

Still amazed that Space Jam is getting a sequel. Also, this has been in development since 2014. Yeah, the LeBron James sequel has been in development for six years by now and will act as a reboot to the franchise. It’s also crazy to think that the Looney Tunes last film in cinemas was 2003’s Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Time really does fly. We got some teases from LeBron James here and there but nothing major. Now, in a special tweet by the LeBron James Family Foundation, we got a full look at the Tunes Squad jersey.

It’s certainly a departure from the original design that was mainly white. There are some similarities though, mostly in the red lining around the neck and arms, as well as a larger version of the Looney Tunes logo. Seeing this design is kind of strange, as Nike did tease an updated version of the original outfits back in January.

Perhaps we will see these designs in the film but they get replaced by the updated colors. The strange thing is, this is a Looney Tunes film and we haven’t seen anyone from the cast. No reveal of Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck in the outfit. We don’t even know if they’ll get a redesign similar to the latest incarnation Looney Tunes Cartoons. These take inspiration from the earliest designs, as Bugs has yellow gloves rather than the white ones we see in Space Jam. Hopefully, they will start actually teasing the animated cast as there is a strong focus purely on LeBron James. This tease might also be building up towards a trailer. There could be a chance that we will see the other characters one-by-one in the newly design outfit. As a nostalgic fan of the original, I am excited to see what they’ll do with a reboot of this franchise.

Source: Deadline, Twitter (New Outfit), Twitter (Nike)

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