‘Spider-Man’: The Story So Far

Spider-Man took the world by storm back in 2018. Now, two years later, we finally get a continuation with the launch of the next-generation of PlayStation. Spider-Man: Miles Morales will continue where the original ended, as Miles grows into his new role and moves to Harlem. So, to celebrate the upcoming release, let us once again revisit the first game’s story to catch up. We meet this version of Peter, who already has a few years on his back as the titular character. Finally, the day has come that he can take down the Kingpin Wilson Fisk. After an intense battle, it is finally over, and Peter tries to catch up with his personal life. He meets Aunt May at the FEAST center, which is run by Martin Li. Peter also had to rush back to his job at Octavius Industries, where he and Doctor Otto Octavius try to create an artificial limb. His life seems to have calmed down, and he has time to spend it with the people he loved. He even gets a chance to rekindle his lost love with Mary Jane Watson.

Well, it doesn’t last long as the power vacuum left behind is being filled by a strange group called the Demons, who seem to have supernatural abilities. MJ’s work as a reporter also helps her stumble upon some information regarding a project titled Devil’s Breath. It revealed a connection between Mayor Norman Osborn and Fisk. While Spidey was investigating the case, he ends up working alongside police officer Jefferson Davis, who turns out to be Miles Morales’ father. After Peter suspected Li of having ties to the Demons, he ends up leading an attack during a hero award ceremony, which ends up in Davis’ sacrificing his life to save the mayor. As a consequence, Osborn hires a private military company Sable International led by Silver Sablinova.

It turns out the before-mentioned Devil’s Breath was a virulent bioweapon. Just in the nick of time, Spidey managed to secure it from Li, who has now taken on the Mr. Negative moniker and send him to the Raft. It doesn’t take long for the prisoners to escape with some of his classic rogues. There, he gets confronted by his former mentor. Throughout the story, Octavius revealed he was suffering from a neuromuscular disease which was slowly pushing him to the brink of desperation. It led to the evolution of their limb project into an attachment that finalized his transformation into Doctor Octopus. He was also the mastermind behind the breakout, which sent Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, and Mr. Negative back into the streets. Not only that, Doc Ock releases the virus on Time Square.

Peter is at his limit while taking them down, who are trying to take over the city. They learn that there is an antidote and that Devil’s Breath got developed to heal their friend Harry Osborn. They believed he was in Europe, but it turns out he was dying and keeping it a secret. He tracks it down and defeats Li but gets brutalized by Doc Ock. Not just that, we find out Aunt May has also been affected by the virus and doesn’t have much time. He realizes the only way to defeat him is to match his technology, so he creates a suit for a final confrontation. In an emotional beatdown, Peter can defeat his former mentor at a heavy toll. He saves some of the antidotes but does not have enough to develop more and Aunt May in time. Peter made the difficult decision even if it was the last push beyond his breaking point. With her dying breath, she reveals that she always knew he was Spider-Man, and how proud she was of him.

Months later, we find out that Harry is still alive. He is in a tank surrounded by strange black goo. Miles also reveals that he got bitten by a spider and has the same abilities as Peter. He also gets a visit from Black Cat, who got involved with the criminal Hammerhead. It ends up in another gang war between the different NYC families which leads to Hammerhead stealing Sable tech. He even replaces his body with armor, as he ends up in a final battle with Spidey and Silver Sable. With that, we are all caught up before Miles’ story takes center stage on November 12th.

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