Square-Enix Trademarks Teasing ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Sequel or Spin-Offs

It’s looking like this week will be dominated by Marvel, as we all anticipate the upcoming release of WandaVision. It seems like it isn’t the only thing happening this week, as Square-Enix has been quite busy as well. They had a big year in 2020. They released a remake of one of their most famous games, Final Fantasy VII, which was only the beginning of its return. The remake only centered on the Midgar arc, which was around four to five hours in the original. Of course, to make it an entire game, they’ve added new details and characters from the expanded compendium. It wasn’t until we saw the ending that we would come to realize that Final Fantasy VII Remake was more than what we may have initially bargained with.

The ending took a very different direction, which left us with many questions. Zack Fair, one of the main characters from the original, somehow managed to change his fate. It kind of implied that he may have a larger role in the future of this new franchise. Well, it seems that there are plans with him, as Square-Enix has just filed trademarks for “The First Soldier” and “Ever Crisis”. They also trademarked a new Shinra Electric Power Company logo, the primary antagonist of the remake.

The first trademark is connected to SEPC’s SOLDIER program that gave Zack and Cloud superhuman abilities. What makes it significant, however, is the first SOLDIER was Sephiroth. So, it may tease that he will have some kind Now, Ever Crisis is rather interesting, as it could tease a spin-off focuses on Zack, just like the prequel Before Crisis did. The new SEPC visual can be closely connected to the ending reveal from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Most of us were focusing on the upcoming sequel, so the potential of spin-offs is surprising. We’ll see if these trademarks might have some ties to the game’s direct sequel, especially with them trademarking new visuals. It is still good to know that some development is happening with the franchise, and I cannot wait for an official reveal of how they are moving forward with this franchise.

Source: Gematsu

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