‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’ Delayed to Spring 2023

suicide squad 2023

As excited as we were for the upcoming releases of DC’s new slate of games, they have been hit with delays quite a bit. Gotham Knight‘s and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League were first showcased during DC FanDome back in 2020. While it seems that the former will finally release sometime later this year, sadly the next Rocksteady game has been pushed back once again until Spring 2023. The game’s director Sefton Hill, who worked on the Batman Arkham games, took to Twitter to confirm the delay.

Delays have become commonplace throughout the industry at this point, as many are facing the troubles of working from home with limited resources. Rocksteady’s last release was back in 2016 with Batman: Arkham Knight. While we did get a VR game a year later, Suicide Squad is their biggest release in quite some time. It’s great that Warner Bros. gives them the time to work on it, but it also makes sense given the massive success that their ventures into the Arkhamverse have been.

Gotham Knights, created by Warner Bros. Montréal, will be the successor to that series that mainly keeps quite a few of the iconic mechanics. Sadly, it seems like a direct continuation of the Arkham games won’t be happening anytime soon. Luckily, Suicide Squad does take place in the same universe. So, we’ll see if it may even set up something moving forward. The most interesting connection lies in that Arkham Origins set up a Suicide Squad storyline, but Deathstroke is noticeably absent in the roster. We’ll see how it may end up fitting into the storyline.

Source: Twitter

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