‘Superman and Lois’ Showrunner Teases Season 2’s Villain

superman and lois villain

Superman and Lois‘ first season reinvented the way we see stories around the Man of Steel. This time around, Clark Kent is faced with the biggest challenge ever, raising two sons alongside his love Lois Lane. He did face off against some new foes like Adam Rayner‘s Tal-Rho. Of course, it opened up the question of what other villains he might face off against in the upcoming second season. Luckily, showrunner Todd Helbing offered a small tease when he was asked if we’ve heard of the next villain he’ll face.

You have, yes. The only tease I will say is, in the same way that we took Morgan Edge and twisted the mythology a little bit—made him Clark’s brother and ultimately the Eradicator—we’re trying to go into the comic books to find lesser-known villains and reinvent them. We can introduce them and people can then go read the versions in the comics.

Todd Helbing

In the same interview, he also highlights that we haven’t seen the last of Tal-Rho either. So, it’ll be interesting to see how many villains he might end up facing in the upcoming second season. It’s great that they want to explore smaller villains that normally wouldn’t get a chance on the silver screen or generally in live-action. It’ll be interesting to see how they tackle it. Helbing also revealed that they recently pitched the second season to the studio. So, they are still in the early stages of getting the ball rolling on the project. So, we might not see any new updates for some time until they start entering production.

Source: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Collector’s Issue via TV Insider

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