Taika Waititi On How Guns N’ Roses Inspired ‘Love and Thunder’

Like the Guardians of the Galaxy films before it, Taika Waititi’s Thor films are a few of a handful of MCU films defined by their music. Whereas Thor: Ragnarok takes its cue from Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, Thor: Love and Thunder draws inspiration from Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine.

During the film’s global press conference, Waititi revealed why the song spoke to him when making the film.

We just wanted to spend as much money as we possibly could on some songs.  It’s always been a dream of mine.  The whole aesthetic around the film was always we wanted it to be this bombastic, loud, colorful palette, which kind of reflected, like, spray-painted panel vans in the eighties and rock album covers.  And, even the title treatment for the film, it’s the kind of thing I would’ve drawn on my school book in class when I wasn’t listening. I remember spending, you know, months and months perfecting the Metallica logo at school.  So yeah, and just to tap into all that stuff and Guns N’ Roses, was like one of my all-time favorite bands.  And to be able to us that stuff to reflect, you know, the sort of crazy adventure that we’re presenting visually, was another one of my dreams that came true.  

The track is being heavily featured in the film’s marketing campaign and may very well make an appearance in the actual film. Should Waititi continue to wrap up his own Thor trilogy, it would be great to see him dip into the sounds of the 90s. Perhaps embrace the darker, heavy metal side of Thor. Norway is the home of Thor’s mythology, which also happens to be ground zero for some of metal’s heaviest bands.

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