Taika Waititi Praises Russell Crowe’s Zeus in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

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Some time ago, Russell Crowe flat out talked about his role as Zeus in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Thor: Love and Thunder. While the trailers are still keeping his face a secret, they did tease their take on the Greek’s God of Thunder. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Taika Waititi praised his friend and teased that the film will feature “a way you’ve never seen Russell before.” He goes on to highlight that:

I consider Russell a friend, and I forget that there are some friends I have who are really incredible at what they do. [laugh] When I was on set with Russell, I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s right! You’re Russell Crowe! You’re a really amazing actor.’

Taika Waititi

It’s definitely great to see him enjoy his work with his friends and it definitely was Waititi’s connections that probably convinced Croew to give the film a shot. It’s unclear what exactly his future is going to be in the MCU, especially if he appeared as a god in a film that features Gorr the God Butcher. Though, hopefully, we get to enjoy the confrontation between Thor and Zeus, who both wield lightning and thunder. It wouldn’t be too surprising if they try to one-up each other while they share the screen.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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