Taz Skylar Shows Off His Sanji Kicking Training

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A long time ago, before Netflix’s live-action One Piece series even started production, we got a good look at Sanji actor, Taz Skylar, showing off his skills kicking. It’s one of the character’s iconic aspects besides his ability to turn anything into a delicious meal. Many wondered how they’d attempt to bring his moves to life, especially in how flashy they are showcased in the original manga by Eiichiro Oda. A new video from Skylar highlights just how far his training has come.

In a new video as shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan on Twitter, we get a good look at just how far his training has come along. Skylar has actively shared how he’s prepared for the One Piece role, such as attending kitchen courses alongside training with his stunt doubles. We sadly still haven’t gotten a good shot of him in costume, and how they might tackle his moves cinematically, but the dedication showcased is definitely praise-worthy.

We haven’t seen much on how the training has come together for Zoro actor Mackenyu, but there was a leaked production image that hinted at these the three-sword style. One Piece continues to shape up as a promising project that’ll hopefully set a new direction for live-action manga adaptations. With many promising practical sets and some visually stunning designs, the only thing we haven’t gotten a glimpse at from the project is their costumes. so, we’ll see if they might give us our first look once they’ve wrapped production and entered the post-production phase.

Source: Twitter

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