‘The Acolyte’

Premiere: December 2023

Variety reported in April 2020 that a new Star Wars live-action series was in development by Emmy-nominated writer Leslye HeadlandHeadland will serve as showrunner, producer, and writer on the show.

During the Disney Investor Day on December 10, 2020, we got confirmation of the title of the show, The Acolyte, and that it will be set during the late High Republic era. This could mean that the events of the series might be set a mere 50 years before The Phantom Menace, making it possible for several characters known to be alive at this time to make an appearance.

Production will be eyeing a February 2022 start, making it a fair assumption to expect a late 2023 release, even if nothing has been officially confirmed on that front. In June 2021 a trade report revealed that writer Matthew Robinson was working on the project as well as the fact that it was eyeing a December 2023 release.

In a Vanity Fair interview in May 2022, Leslye Headland confirmed a couple of interesting details about the show: It will take inspiration from martial arts films and it will explore the rise of the Sith during the High Republic era.

Following some speculation in December 2021 regarding Amandla Stenberg joining the show’s cast, there was official confirmation of exactly that on July 2022 with the actress signing on to play an, as of then, undisclosed role. Further names were added to the feature’s cast in September 2022, with Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen and Slim), Lee Jung-Jae (Squid Game), Manny Jacinto (The Good Place), and Charlie Barnett (Russian Doll) all signing on.


  • Amandla Stenberg in an unknown role
  • Jodie Turner-Smith in an unknown role
  • Lee Jung-Jae in an unknown role
  • Manny Jacinto in an unknown role
  • Charlie Barnett in an unknown role
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