‘The Bad Batch’ Producer Discusses Potential of Omega and Boba Fett Meeting

As Season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch finally premieres, fans of the franchise eagerly look toward how the events of the show will play into the larger tapestry of Star Wars. One major pathway would likely come in the form of Omega, a rare unique clone that deviated from the specific genetics of Jango Fett. The only other in the same universe is the popular character of Boba Fett. Naturally, this has led to some desire from the audience to see the two characters interact at some point in the animated series.

However, fans shouldn’t expect to see an interaction between the two happen any time soon. In an interview with the Direct, Bad Batch producer and season two premiere writer Jennifer Corbett spoke about this possibility and why they won’t be capitalizing on it in their show.

I think a lot of people want that because they are brother and sister but it’s important for her, at this point in her life, and where her journey is – she’s at a very different place than where Boba is right now. So we just really wanted to focus on her growth and her interactions with her found family versus the trajectory that Boba’s currently on. But, you know, never say never.

Jennifer Corbett

This is a logical reason to hold off on any interaction between Omega and Boba Fett. It’s important for both Omega and Star Wars: The Bad Batch to find their own identity without being ensconced into specific lore of the franchise, something that Star Wars has sometimes struggled with in the past. Allowing Omega to grow solely through her relationships with Clone Force 99 will only make her that much of a strong character in the universe. And at that point, the creative forces for the show should only then consider a meeting of the de facto siblings (which is likely too tantalizing to turn down at some point in the timeline).

The first two episodes of the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch are now currently available to watch on Disney+.

Source: The Direct

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