‘The Batman’s Gotham PD Spinoff May Be in Development After All

the batman spinoff

The DC Cinematic Universe is about to unwind in a new direction, but that doesn’t mean that Matt Reeves‘ corner of the DC Multiverse is going away anytime soon. Luckily, the new Elseworld branding gives them the opportunity to expand The Batman franchise. Just recently we are finally seeing some movement on the Penguin-focused spinoff with Rhenzy Feliz joining the project. Yet, there’s an interesting detail tucked away.

For a while, there was a Gotham PD-focused series in development for HBO Max. Yet, that project eventually ended up becoming something entirely different with the focus now set on Arkham Asylum. While we only know that the project is being spearheaded by Antonio Campos, it seems that a Gotham PD series is in development. Variety points out that it’s one of the three The Batman spinoffs Matt Reeves is using to expand his unique corner of the franchise.

It’ll be interesting to see how Matt Reeves maps out these projects, as we won’t have the sequel to The Batman until 2025. So, we might have these series to bridge us until then. Gotham PD was originally going to be Batman’s Year One but that may have changed. If Arkham Asylum took over that timeline, this may be something that’ll be used to explore the aftermath of the events from the first film.

We can only speculate and there’s no word about who might be involved with the project. There’s a good chance that it simply is still on the table while the main focus relies on the Arkham Asylum series, which still has no title. Actually, even the Penguin-focused spinoff doesn’t have a title quite yet. So, we’ll have to see what’s heading our way once Matt Reeves gets a chance to share what his universe plans are.

Source: Variety

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