‘The Flash’ Director Won’t Recast Ezra Miller in Possible Sequel

the flash ezra miller

The hype surrounding The Flash is a troubled one. While the film has been in development hell for quite some time, Andy Muschietti is finally going to reveal it to the world in just a few more weeks. Yet, the discussion surrounding its leading star, Ezra Miller, has left some questioning his future as the iconic hero.

In 2020, the actor made headlines due to choking a woman before it started going to new questionable levels in 2022. Miller was stated to be in treatment for “complex mental health issues” and is completely absent from the film’s promotional run. Yet, Muschietti believes that they are the only one right to play Barry Allen.

If [a sequel] happens, yes. I don’t think there’s anyone that can play that character as well as they did. The other depictions of the character are great, but this particular vision of the character, they just excelled in doing it. And, as you said, the two Barrys — it feels like a character that was made for them.

Andy Muschietti

His wife and co-producer, Barbara Muschietti, also highlights Miller’s role during filming and highlighting that he was “the most committed” actor on set to bring the different variations of Barry to life.

In principal photography, Ezra was brilliant and the most committed and the most professional [actor]. Ezra gave everything for this role — physically, creatively, emotionally. They were absolutely supreme.

Barbara Muschietti

It’s hard to say what people will take away from the film and if Miller will still stick around once the new era of the DC Cinematic Universe kicks off under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s management. Warner Bros. Discovery has put all its money into this film’s box office and we’ll see if it’ll manage to do just that once it finally releases next month.

Source: Variety

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