The JSA Has Their Hands Full on ‘STARGIRL’

The JSA has their hands full on the CW’s ‘STARGIRL’ thanks to Eclipso.
stargirl eclipso

On CW’s Stargirl, the Justice Society of America has an “it” factor. It’s partly what makes them such great heroes. Their inability to not know any better also helps to make them a formidable team. In the first season of Stargirl, the team fighting their way through inexperience was a big reason why they defeated the Injustice Society of America. Resolve and ignorance to the idea that they’re just kids. Now, they have a different problem, one that requires much more than a plucky attitude: Eclipso.

Eclipso has been a villain that has not attacked Courtney, Yolanda, Rick, and Beth physically. Instead, he has attacked them psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. He’s fed on their fears and their doubts to the point that in this past episode Yolanda quit the team. Wildcat is no more. Her guilt over killing Brainwave last season has been on her mind ever since, and there’s no telling if she’ll ever recover.

Yolanda goes to confession in the last episode, hoping for some absolution of her sin. What she gets is Eclipso making her believe in things that aren’t there… or are they? When we see Brainwave speak to her he says that his consciousness is in her mind. It’s enough to make Yolanda go mad.

Courtney being the leader that she is attempts to get Yolanda to talk about these issues hoping that will help her heal. Unfortunately, when the group gets together, Beth isn’t definitive in her support which fractures the team more. The funny thing is, Beth, isn’t wrong for saying the words, “I don’t know.” How could she know? A secret like the one Courtney and Yolanda have kept is a difficult one to spring on the team.

This is why Eclipso is so dangerous. He feeds on the questions, he revels in the cracks that were already in Yolanda’s psyche. Now, as the JSA is splintered, Eclipso is setting his sights on Beth who’s been struggling with her parents failing relationship. She could really use the help of Dr. Midnight. Nonetheless, as long as Eclipso is around Stargirl & Co. have their hands full. It’s going to take more than punching and kicking their way to win this fight.

Stargirl‘s second season is currently airing on the CW Network every Tuesday. 

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