‘The Last of Us’ Season 2 Casting Used Video Game Lines Before Halting Production

Last of us season 2

Here’s a rather bizarre piece of news, or rather trivia at some point later down the line. While The Last of Us was preparing for its second season, the WGA strike happened with many writers banding together to fight for a liveable wage. In any way one would look at it, it’s an important fight to ensure that creativity as we know it lives on moving forward and now allowing artificial intelligence to become a new norm to save labor costs of talented writers.

Studios are a bit desperate, however, to keep their big shows going and are finding ways to avoid just following through on the inquiries made by the writers. In the case of The Last Of Us‘ second season, it seems they opted to use video game sequences to cast before finally shutting the doors on the production after all.

Variety is reporting that they have asked actors to read sides taken directly from The Last of Us Part II, which the second season will reportedly be based on. What makes this bizarre is that there are currently no scripts for that very season even as hopes were to start production in early 2024 in Vancouver. Series showrunner Craig Mazin has been advocating for the WGA and was spotted at the picket line.

It’s unclear what exactly pushed for this casting process but it is likely the studio hoped that they could jump into production as soon as possible if they already have a cast in place with the WGA coming to an end eventually. Neil Druckmann, series co-creator and creative director of the game, has also not been involved with the series which adds to some concerns about how they might move forward even after the series’ massive viewership.

Source: Variety

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