‘The Mandalorian’ Star Hints at Rick Famuyiwa Involved With Multiple Season 3 Episodes

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While there have been many discussions surrounding the Disney+ shows since they started rolling out more, The Mandalorian still stands tall as the one to start it all. With a third season on the horizon, we’re still waiting for any details on the project. Luckily, Carl Weathers has us covered as he revealed in an interview with Big Gold Belt Media that director Rick Famuyiwa was involved with multiple episodes of The Mandalorian‘s upcoming Season 3.

You got Rick [Famuyiwa] who’s here, who’s behind the camera, executive producing on our show, you know? Who directed me in a couple of episodes of The Mandalorian this season and I’m a huge fan.

Carl Weathers

It’s always great to see when an actor is excited about a director’s work on a project. Mandalorian‘s monster-of-the-week approach has been a standout among the many Disney+ shows released that seemingly follow a more cinematic format. Weathers also confirming he’ll be involved with multiple episodes could be a hint that his character will have a multiple story arc throughout.

Of course, they could go a similar route to the second season, which saw various characters come together in the final episode to unite against a common threat. Famuiywa has been quite busy with his work on the Star Wars series, and here’s also hoping he’ll get a chance to potentially tackle another Disney project, maybe even something web-related.

Source: Big Gold Belt Media via Bespin Bulletin

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