The Origin of Star-Lord’s Quad Blasters Revealed in ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’

The premise of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special revolves around Mantis and Drax trying to give Peter a great Christmas. Not only do they want to bring him out of his funk over the loss of Gamora, but they also hope to help Peter recapture the magic of Christmas after hearing a story from Kraglin about how Yondu ruined the holiday for Star-Lord.

Told in an animated flashback featuring Michael Rooker’s return as the voice of Yondu, Kraglin’s story shows a young Peter setting up a Christmas tree with Kraglin and setting out presents for their fellow Ravagers. A grumpy Yondu puts and end to the Christmas cheer by stomping on the Christmas tree, throwing away the presents and exclaiming that he hates Christmas. Kraglin believes that event ruined Christmas for Peter and it’s his story and hope to cheer Peter up with a great Christmas that sends Mantis and Drax on their well-intentioned-if-not-entirely-illegal trip to kidnap Kevin Bacon.

Not only are Mantis and Drax successful on their mission to bring Bacon to Knowhere, but the rest of the Guardians also chip in to make Christmas memorable for Peter. During his conversation with Mantis, who is revealed to be Peter’s sister, Peter explains that there’s part of that story of Christmas past that Kraglin didn’t know. Peter goes on to reveal that Yondu later changed his tune and not only kept Peter’s present (one of the little figures he liked to keep on his console) but also gifted Peter with the Quad Blasters that he’s carried with him ever since. While there was certainly no need to tell the story of how Peter came into possession of his weapons, having them be a gift from Yondu only adds to the emotional connection that Peter and the audience already have with the character.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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