‘The Suicide Squad’ Trailer Reveals a Startling Threat

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Ever since the first reveal at DC FanDome, fans have been eagerly awaiting a new look at The Suicide Squad. The film will see the return of Task Force X. We’ll get to see some familiar and new faces that won’t survive the experience. The film will follow the newly formed squad, as they’re dropped into a South American country to fight something that is probably out of their leagues. Luckily, these kinds of trailers have a lot of secrets. Even better, we happened to notice a few curious details that might tease the film’s story.



The first notable detail is from the beginning of the trailer. We see the squad en route to free a capture Quinn, who seems to be a key member of the team. Waller briefly glances at Harley’s rap sheet. It includes a new mugshot and some recent additions. Upon these new badges of criminality, eagle-eyed viewers will notice “Vigilantism,” “kidnapping,” and “Extortion.” These crimes were committed by Quinn in the 2020 film Birds of Prey when she frees Cassandra Cain from Prison and proceeds to keep her safe from the sadistic Roman Sionis. This little detail shows that Harley is continuing to move away from Joker, and her character progression continues here. I’m not sure if there was any doubt that there would, but it’s still nice to see.



In this very same scene, we get a brief glimpse at a monitor in front of her. The monitor is streaming footage from a plane. It appears to be carrying the team members teased earlier in the trailer. You can make out Savant, Javelin, and what seems to be Rick Flag. There is a good chance they edited this scene to make it look like Harley’s rescue is happening simultaneously. In the footage, we see Javelin on the plane in one piece, but when Harley appears, later on, she’s wielding his spear. It would imply that he died at one point. This slight and easily missed detail is clever to keep us off the film’s timeline.



There is a particularly eye-catching scene with Harley Quinn, which presumably could be happening mid-breakout due to her bloody nose. She seems to be surrounded by a wide array of flowers that seem to be blooming behind her. This scene could be reminiscent of Harley’s GCPD jailbreak in which she leads a full-on, one-woman assault on the station to free Cass. Yet, instead of blood, all we see is glitter going off in every possible direction. It might be the return of “Harley Vision” that replaces the actual gore of the sequence with some colorful flourishes.



Now, we have to talk about the standout character of King Shark, who is already a bonafide hit. Sylvester Stallone finally confirmed that he is voicing the character, who also had his first voice role in the latest trailer. There will be many comparisons between his character and James Gunn’s other mascot character, Groot. They both serve as the comedic foils for their respective films. He’s sure to be a scene-stealer as he munches and tears his way through the onslaught of foes.



Finally, the film gave us our first look at the big bad, Starro the Conqueror. He is an intergalactic starfish who uses his children as mind control devices. They attach to the faces of anyone and take control of their host’s mind. The villain has been rumored since the FanDome event after some eagle-eyed fans caught a glimpse of one of his stars on a soldier’s face, but it was never officially confirmed. John Economos, played by comedian Steve Agee, exclaims that “We’ve got a freaking Kaiju,” which is almost perfect considering this trailer will most likely play alongside Godzilla vs. Kong in theaters.

The Suicide Squad is set to release in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6th. The film was written and directed by James Gunn. It will star Margot RobbieIdris ElbaJohn Cena, Daniella MelchiorDavid DastmalchianSylvester StalloneJoel KinnamanPeter CapaldiJai CourtneyViola Davis, and so many more as the film sports on the most all-star cast in the comic book genre.

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