Theory Tuesday: Exploring the Endgoal of Sophia Di Martino’s Loki Variant

loki variant

The second episode of Loki (quite literally) dropped a bombshell on us. We got the reveal of Sophie Di Martino as the mysterious Loki Variant, the explosion of the multiple reset charges throughout the Sacred Timeline, and the possible introduction of the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. The Disney+ series isn’t pulling any stops when it comes to its fast-paced action and thrilling storytelling. Now, many curious details deserve a closer inspection, but one thing has me wondering. Why exactly did the Variant create the multiverse, and what was her plan with the reset charges? It seems C-20, her prisoner throughout the episode, served a specific purpose, and it’s time to take a closer look.


The End of the Universe


Let’s start with something simple that may already have gotten alluded to by Mobius halfway through the second episode. When Loki asked what happens when the Time Keepers complete their duty to the timeline, Mobius teases what seems to be the end of the TVA’s job. They signal it as “peace” and “order” once they enter their timeline’s epilogue. But what if it didn’t end like that but just ends infinite chaos? The Sacred Timeline could be leading to an apocalyptic end, and that’s what the Loki Variant aims to avoid? The TVA’s blind trust in the Time Keepers could be a potential undoing that the newly introduced Variant wants to avoid.


The Birth of the Multiverse


Now, some details remain classified regarding the creation of time or the TVA. All we know is that there was a Multiversal War where various timelines battled for dominance before they were all condensed into the Sacred Timeline. Perhaps the idea that a multiverse exists is impossible to the TVA since they always pruned any potential branch that could’ve turned into an alternative timeline. Yet, is it possible that the multiverse continued to exist, and they never knew? Think about it. Why would the Ancient One ask Strange who he was in the “vast Multiverse” if the TVA constantly went out of their way to ensure it never existed in the first place. Is her understanding of a multiverse different, as we know the Dark and Mirror Dimension exist? There might be many more secrets existing beyond the red limit, and our new Loki is trying to restore it once more.


Something Far Worse


Perhaps, in the darkest corners of the universe, there is a being who is lying in wait for their opportunity to strike and take control of the universe. One of these beings could potentially be Shuma-Gorath, a character that has been rumored multiple times in the past to be coming to the MCU for the Doctor Strange sequel. We know that in the past, there was a multiversal war, but we don’t know which being fought for control of the multiverse. Could Shuma-Gorath be one of those beings? Is Sophia Di Martino‘s character perhaps an agent of chaos sent out by this mysterious being? He preserved her existence to ensure his goals are achieved. Perhaps C-20’s crazy ramblings are a result of coming face-to-face with the Eldrich-inspired being.

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