‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ May Feature ‘Black Panther’s Bastet

thor love and thunder bastet

Thor: Love and Thunder will introduce Gorr the God Butcher, and it made us wonder just how many different pantheons we might get introduced to. Russell Crowe gave away that he was in the film as the Olympian ruler Zeus. Outside of our leading Norse gods, we don’t know much else even though the latest Moon Knight trailer did hint at the addition of the Egyptian pantheon in the form of Khonshu. Well, it seems a new rumor is to believe, we might even get to meet another familiar deity in the upcoming film, Bastet.

A new listing on the site Showcast has started making the rounds, as Akosia Sabet included the upcoming Taika Waititi film in her filmography. What stands out, however, is that she also added her role as Bastet, the Panther Goddess that the Wakandans worship. We only briefly got a look at her in the opening credits to the first Black Panther film, where we revisited the history of the fictional nation. Hopefully, her inclusion does not mean she’ll meet up with Christian Bale‘s God Butcher but she could also become an ally to our heroes eventually in the film.

There’s a lot of potential to further explore the mythology of the MCU, especially as many of the gods are, in fact, real. We’ll see just how they introduce them, as they could explore their history as other alien beings or even ones that live side-by-side with humans under a disguise, as the Eternals did in their own film. Perhaps we even get a short appearance of Khonshu or other Egyptian gods in the upcoming film. Either way, it’s an exciting prospect.

Source: Showcast, IMDb

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