Chris Hemsworth Expresses Diminishing Interest in Continuing as Thor

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As much as we love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is always going to be a point where the actors aren’t interested in playing these characters actively anymore. Robert Downey Jr. exited the franchise with Avengers: Endgame when he gave Iron Man his last big stand in the franchise. Some actors that have been with the franchise since its early days still remain, such as Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Yet, it seems that his interest might be reaching a boiling point as revealed in an interview with The Today Show.

I’ve done six or seven Thors, so maybe. As long as they’ll have me, I’ll turn up, but I feel like that enthusiasm [for me] might be waning.”

Chris Hemsworth

It’s understandable that he’ll reach a limit at some point, as he’s already appeared in quite a few films, as he points out. Of cousre, we don’t know what the plans are for the actor after Thor: Love and Thunder releases next year. His character might have a final hurrah before Natalie Portman‘s Jane Foster carries on the mantle. Of course, a personal preference would be to end his run inspired by the actual Norse mythology and inspired by the Fear Itself storyline. Here’s hoping we find out once the film releases and gives us a closer look into the future of his character.

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