‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Gorr the God Butcher is One of the MCU’s “Most Sympathetic Villains”

thor gorr the god butcher

We’ve long been awaiting the arrival of Christian Bale‘s Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder. The marketing has been holding back quite a bit with our first look of the villain only arriving in the second trailer. While his look is quite a departure from the comics, it does seem like Taika Waititi has put in a lot of love for the character. Not only did the villain seemingly “tested the highest” of any Marvel villains, which also includes some heavy-hitters like Thanos, but he describes Bale’s characters as one of “the most sympathetic villains they’ve had” so far as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The director also highlighted that their work on Thor: Ragnarok seemingly has sparked the interest for Bale to venture into a comic book adaptation once more. It seems to have fun like they did bring the film to life was a big reason he wanted to give it a go, and Waititi‘s comedy definitely seems like it had a guiding hand for the actor’s venture into the MCU.

What we did with Ragnarok made these movies appealing to other actors as well. Christian saw that and was like “I want to do something fun” and wanted to be part of this thing.

Taika Waititi

Not only giving the actor something fun to do but also offering the audience a sympathetic villain is definitely something that’ll still manage to leave a chill down their spine. We’ll see how the MCU continues to evolve and offer a fun playground for any actor interested in giving it a shot.

Source: YouTube via Discussing Film, YouTube via Twitter

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