THWIP! WGA Strike Webs Up Development on ‘Spider-Man 4’

For the better part of a year, leakers and scoopers in every corner of the internet have promised the imminent release of news concerning the status of the fourth movie in Marvel Studios and Sony’s ongoing collaborative Spider-Man franchise. Lo and behold it seems they were correct as news has finally arrived!

At the red carpet premiere for Sony’s highly-anticipated animated sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Amy Pascal confirmed that while there will still be a Spider-Man 4, the development of the film has been paused during the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America. “Are we going to make another movie? Of course, we are,” said Pascal of the next Tom Holland-led adventure. “We’re in the process, but the writers strike, nobody is working during the strike. We’re all being supporters and whenever they get themselves together, we’ll get started.”

What that means for the untitled fourth MCU-set Spidey flick remains to be seen but it probably won’t be making that oft-rumored Summer 2024 release date and even a projected 2025 release would be uncertain until some potential endpoint to the strike can be ascertained. At the very least, it’ll give Daredevil: Born Again stars Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio a nice respite following their year-long production on that ambitious streaming series before they step back into their roles in Spidey 4.

Source: Variety

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