Tony Gilroy Teases ‘Andor’ Season 2 Details Ahead of Series Premiere

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Lucasfilm’s newest Star Wars streaming series, Andor, debuts with 3 episodes on September 21st but before fans have seen an episode, creator Tony Gilroy is already teasing the show’s second season.

Season One of Andor is comprised of 12 episodes that span the course of one year in the life of Cassian Andor and detail how he came to be a key piece of the Rebel Alliance and the plan to take down the Death Star. Through the first four episodes shown to the press, nearly a dozen characters new to the Star Wars universe were introduced. According to Gilroy, that’s just a fraction of what’s to come over the remaining eight episodes and many of those characters are headed to Season Two.

What’s cool is that we’ll be introducing new characters in the second half, but there’s 25, 30 characters of import that we’re carrying forward from one to the next. You already know them, you already know a lot about them.

Tony Gilroy

The second season of Andor, which will also consist of twelve episodes, will find a Cassian who Gilroy says will have made “a commitment to the Rebellion” by then, allowing that season to “explore a bunch of different things.” The second season will be uniquely structured to allow every three episodes to cover one year in the life of the characters. By the end of Season Two, the timeline will have caught up to where fans first met Cassian at the beginning of Rogue One. As Gilroy puts it, by the beginning of the second season, “time becomes our friend.

Read our full review of the first four episodes of Andor, which begins streaming tomorrow only on Disney Plus to find out how Cassian starts the journey that leads him to the Battle of Scariff.

Source: Total Film

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