Ubisoft’s ‘Gods & Monsters’ May Be Retitled

Last year, we got the announcement that Ubisoft was working on a game titled Gods & Monsters. At the time, it was said to be a storybook adventure of the hero Fenyx trying to save the Greek gods. It would be from the team that brought us Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, so this is their second time exploring Greek culture and mythology. They did reveal some screenshots and tidbits since but nothing substantial. Well, looks like an upcoming announcement may have gotten leaked ahead of time.

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated a game titled Immortals: Fenyx Rising. At first, there is no game that would match this description. That is until you realize that the character from Gods & Monsters was confirmed to be named Fenyx. So, there is a good chance the game will be retitled as such. Why would they go with this title change? Well, Immortals makes for a good franchise name. They might plan to expand it with other entries that aren’t tied purely to Greek mythology.

This confirmation comes from Taiwan, so there is also a chance that the localization team may have set their own naming. Still, the timing also seems to fit regarding Ubisoft’s upcoming event in September. Ubisoft Forward is their new format to reveal future lineups of games, so there is a good chance we get the title change confirmation by then. Hopefully, this will also be accompanied by some more footage of what seems like a The Legend of Zelda inspired game.

Source: Ubisoft, Ubisoft (Fenyx Name), Gematsu

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