‘WALL-E’ Director to Tackle Searchlight’s New Sci-Fi Epic ‘In the Blink of an Eye’

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It looks like the 2017 Black List entry by Colby Day is finally getting an adaptation, as Searchlight has set Andrew Stanton as the director of the epic sci-fi drama In the Blink of an Eye. This marks Stanton‘s return to live-action after making quit the name for himself helming Pixar’s iconic entries like WALL-E and Finding Nemo. Russian Doll‘s Jared Ian Goldman is also joining the production as a producer but the project is just moving forward.

Searchlight projects are normally on the smaller side of cinematic budgeting, but it seems they might venture out a bit more with this project. Stanton is no stranger to working with big-budgets and massive projects in scale, which makes him a fitting choice for this sci-fi adaptation. The concept explores the history of the world and explores three distinct stories, which will definitely be a challenge for a limited runtime.

Colby Day‘s script appeared on the Black List and became his jumping-off point into screenwriting. He has gone on to work on Spaceman based on a Czech novel, which will be directed by Chernobyl‘s Johan Renck with Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan attached. He’s attached as an executive producer on the project with Searchlight’s Tylor Friedman and Apolline Berty overseeing the project.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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