Keanu Reeves Exits ‘The Devil in the White City’ at Hulu

Just two months after his casting was confirmed, Keanu Reeves has exited ‘The Devil in the White City’ at Hulu.

Back in August, it was confirmed that Keanu Reeves was set to headline The Devil in the White City for Hulu. The news came after reports suggested Reeves was in talks for the gig back in January. Now, Variety is reporting that Reeves has officially exited the project.

The Devil In The White City was meant to be a big-budget take on the 2003 novel of the same name by author Erik Larson. The book tells the story of two men, an architect (Daniel H. Burnham) and a serial killer (Henry H. Holmes), who soon find their fates forever linked thanks to the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Reeves was set to portray Burnham who was described as brilliant and fastidious, desperately seeking to leave his mark on the world. It’s currently unknown as to why Reeves exited the project. At the time of Reeves’ casting, the role of Holmes had not yet been cast.

The adaptation of The Devil in the White City has long been in the works. Leonardo DiCaprio originally purchased the rights to the novel in 2010 with the intent to make it a feature film at Paramount with Martin Scorsese in the director’s chair. While Scorsese is still attached, following the move to Hulu, he’s now only serving as an executive producer alongside DiCaprio. Todd Field (Little Children) was to direct the first two episodes.

Source: Variety.

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