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Here’s a crazy theory to throw out. At the end of WandaVision’s seventh episode, it ended with a massive twist. Agnes turned out, as predicted, to be Agatha Harkness. She even got a brand new intro that seemed inspired by The Munsters. As its title implies, she was responsible for some of the actions in the past episodes. It was her that manipulated the drunk Vision and the fake Pietro. Yet, was she really behind it all, as the title states? The latest episode revealed that it was Wanda’s grief that created the Hex. In reality, Agatha may be selfish, but she isn’t the villain that we think she is. There might be a softer side that will get explored in tomorrow’s finale.


WandaVision': Hints that Agnes' character was Agatha Harkness


The catchy musical entry reveals Agatha’s actions throughout the early shows. We see her manipulate Vision so that the townfolks would realize what is happening. She also frees Herb from Wanda’s control. If you look closely, she does it after he already cut through the wall. In a way, she was trying to reveal something to Vision that would make him realize what is happening. As we learned, the Pietro plotline was to get Vision to explore outside of the hex. So, while she was behind some of the shenanigans, she isn’t the root cause of it all. The latest episode confirms that Wanda created the sitcom world in her grief.

It’s also strange how the episode turns Agatha into a therapist for Wanda. Yes, her ulterior motive is to uncover how she used her abilities, but they tease some humanity. The moment we briefly see her shed a tear when they revisit her time in the Avengers compound solidifies the fact that she isn’t evil for the sake of it. As we are about to enter the final episode, I think Agatha will have a change of heart and support Wanda moving forward. They teased it when she wondered how she had no idea about runes but could put her magic on auto-pilot throughout Westview. She never was a villain in the comics. It was through her that Wanda learned to control chaos magic. The potential of teaching a new incarnation of the Scarlet Witch might be an exciting prospect for her.


WandaVision villain Agatha Harkness, explained by the comics - Polygon


Once the new Vision teased in the post-credit sequence enters Westview alongside SWORD, they have a common enemy. She might end up fighting alongside them, as she has no interest in losing a powerful witch like Wanda. Yes, she does absorb the life force of her fellow witches back in Salem. If you pay close attention, she seems to have no control over it. It almost seemed like the purple magic she was dabbling in was protecting her. At the end of the idea, it was self-defense. She didn’t attack them but retaliated when they tried to kill her. So, she is obsessed with mastering magic and has the perfect pupil. I would love to see her and Doctor Strange get into a dispute over who is the better teacher for her. As such, she would follow her comic roots and introduce Wanda and us to the world of witchcraft. It would be a shame to introduce this part of the MCU without exploring its history. After that brief tease at the beginning of the last episode, I want a history lesson on this crazy universe. Plus, I believe it would be a waste not to give Kathryn Hahn more time to shine in this ever-expanding franchise.

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