House of M: How One of the Biggest X-Men Stories May Inspire ‘WANDAVISION’

When Disney Plus launched in 2019, we were treated to a behind the scenes look at Marvel Studios plans for the streaming service in a feature called Expanding the Universe. Given the lack of content available these days, I recently went back and watched it again.

As the feature shifts to WandaVision, there is a brief segment with supervising producer Mary Livanos in which many comic book pages, presumably used for inspiration for the series, can be seen in the background. At the time, I like so many others, was so caught up in seeing the birth of Wanda and Vision’s twins, that I pretty much ignored the rest of the pages. Given the amount of free time I currently have on my hands, I decided to identify the rest and did so to pretty great success, leaving only one of the visible pages unidentified.

As you read, understand that I am moving left to right and up and down with the assumption that there are 6 pages per row. The rows aren’t all in perfect alignment, so you’ll have to adjust as you go. But, with no further ado, here’s what I was able to find.

1. Scarlet Witch (2016) #9, page 18

Why is it here?

Thankfully Murphy’s Multiverse has some great followers and one of them (@wandamaximoofff) was eagle-eyed enough to identify this panel which comes from James Robinson’s solo Scarlet Witch series. In this issue, Pietro visits Wanda and their discussion quickly turns into a major falling out that sees the twins use the full force of their powers on one another. The panel depicted sees Wanda unleash a powerful hex on Pietro and getting the upper hand. Rumors have swirled around Pietro, whose death in Avengers: Age of Ultron was another nudge in the dark direction that Wanda is headed, so it is entirely possible that though Wanda would be very happy to have her brother back to life (could this be why Evan Peters has joined the cast?), it’s possible they don’t see eye to eye once Pietro gets an idea of just what’s happening in this new reality.

2. Vision (2015) #7, page 11

Why is it here?

This was a flashback issue in the great Tom King series. Wanda and Vision are hosting a dinner party and we get to meet their guests. I can tell you that one of the earliest episodes of WandaVision (I think episode 1) will see Wanda hosting a dinner party. I certainly wouldn’t count on them having the same lineup of guests, but you can bet that Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness/Agnes will be there.

3. Unidentified

Mary’s head is very small, but she seems to put it in the way very effectively.

4. The Vision and The Scarlet Witch (1985), Cover

Why is it here?

This is a classic cover and the issue begins with Doctor Strange visiting Wanda to let her know that she is pregnant and the two having a discussion about Wanda having used her “magick” to make it happen. Later in the issue, Wanda shares the news with Vision who faints in his excitement.

We know that Doctor Strange is set to play a role in WandaVision and that Wanda is set to have a huge role in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, so we might expect more than a scene or two out of the Sorcerer Supreme.

5. The Vision and The Scarlet Witch (1985), page 36

Why is it here?

The birth of Billy, a surprise second baby. When Wanda went into labor, Doctor Strange was back on hand to deliver the baby. To everyone’s surprise, including his and Wanda’s, a second child was born. Billy would eventually become Wiccan, share a surprising trait with his mother and be instrumental in bringing her back from the edge of madness.

6. House of M (2005), page 3

Why is it here?

Following the events of Avengers: Disassembled, Wanda finds herself almost uncontrollably altering reality. Here, she’s revisiting the birth of her children but rewriting it just a bit before being addressed by someone just off screen who has been trying very hard to hold her back.

7. House of M (2005) #7, page 6

Why is it here?

By this point in House of M, Wanda has completely rewritten reality at the behest of her brother, Pietro. Doctor Strange and Wanda talk as a battle rages on outside. This page cements the importance of Strange to her journey and may also hint at Wanda rewriting the reality of the MCU.

8. House of M (2005) #7, page 23

Why is it here?

Simple. The most famous words ever uttered by Wanda. Here, as House of M comes to a climax, Wanda’s descent into madness is sealed as she depowers nearly all the mutants of Earth in what became known as the Decimation.

9. Unidentified

It’s behind her head. You can’t see it!!!! It’s probably the most important one!!!!!

10 and 11. Vision (2015) #7, pages 5 and 6

Why are they here?

Interesting panels from King’s flashback issue of Vision. It shows both the awkward nature of Wanda and Vision’s relationship, but also shows them coming closer throughout the 2 pages. Interestingly enough, pages from this book not shown in the background (maybe because they’re hidden behind Mary), include Vision, at a point further down the road, telling Wanda that things have gone on long enough and that they need to talk about the children because they are not real…that discussion, about the nature of what is or isn’t real, is likely to be a thematic focus of WandaVision.

12. House of M (2005) #1, page 4

Why is it here?

Here’s that guy from earlier that was doing his best to control Wanda: Professor Charles Xavier. It certainly doesn’t seem likely that Wanda will meet Charles here, but this is a powerful page that shows how hurt and desperate Wanda has become.

13. House of M (2005) #7, page 17

Why is it here?

A continuation of the conversation with Doctor Strange, but also an interesting look at both Wanda admitting she’s losing control of her powers to alter reality and the fact that one of her sons (I don’t think it’s every clear which one did it, but we can probably guess) just flat out erases Hawkeye from this reality. I do suspect scenes like these will be a big part of the second half of the series.

14-16. Unidentifiable

Again, these are all behind her.

17. The Vision and The Scarlet Witch (1985), page 28

Why is it here?

The birth of Tommy.

18. House of M (2005) #1, page 5

Why is it here?

It’s Wanda snapping out of her flashback and realizing the damage she did during the events of Avengers: Disassembled. It’s here when Xavier realizes he will be unable to control her any more. That realization leads to an argument about whether or not Wanda should be let to live, which leads to the House of M timeline which leads to the Decimation which leads to the return of the Phoenix Force and so on. The last panel, specifically, could show Charles’ face as he made a decision that impacted Marvel Comics for well over a decade.

You’re on your own here to speculate about what we might actually see in the show, but it is clear that WandaVision will be influenced, at least thematically, by House of M and Vision in addition to 1985 limited series The Vision and The Scarlet Witch. Could the show be the way in which mutants are introduced to the MCU? Will Wanda’s reality altering powers force Doctor Strange or even Hawkeye to confront her? One thing we do know, this is going to be one wild ride.


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