‘WandaVision’: Mission Accomplished

Marvel Studios’ first foray into television with WandaVision had very high expectations. You can make the argument that the show exceeded those expectations during the first eight episodes. We hadn’t gotten any content from the MCU due to the pandemic so we have literally been hanging on every scene and moment in this show. Heading into the finale we all had a bunch of questions. Some were answered, and some weren’t, but the show accomplished its most important goal: Wanda Maximoff became the Scarlet Witch, and she’s not to be trifled with.

As with anything these days, we overanalyze down to the minute details. All the devil references, the appearance of Evan Peters, and a mention of an aerospace engineer gave us something to think about every week. We obsessed over glances, lines, and so much more. While we did all of that there was something missing in that analysis. It was the entertainment that we were getting. WandaVision was operating at an extremely high level in giving us storytelling that MCU/comic book critics longed for. They made characters that aren’t as well known to the casual fan matter in a way that had to be rewarding for the people involved. For the diehards it was a chance to see Wanda as we’ve always wanted to see her; one of the most powerful beings in comic book lore.

WandaVision Finale Recap, Episode 9: 'The Series Finale'

The finale of the show wasn’t perfect, nor did it need to be. It’s not HaywardVision, MonicaVision, DarcyVision, or JimmyVision. It’s WandaVision. In professional wrestling terms, this show was designed to “put Wanda over.” They succeeded in that with her gaining a definitive victory over Agatha Harkness. Maybe there should’ve been a Dr. Strange cameo. Perhaps the Visions could’ve fought more physically instead of talking about the ship of Theseus. Would you have liked to see Jimmy Woo not escape so easily? Did you want Ralph to be more than what he was? Sure, all of those things could’ve happened. Then what? There would be a complaint about Darcy getting very little screen time or White Vision fleeing the coup so quickly. You can always find something wrong if you really look.

Seeing Wanda as The Scarlet Witch is a moment in MCU history we’re never going to forget. After not understanding what was happening in the first three episodes, the show then took us on an incredible emotional journey. Even if it was for a short time, we got to see Wanda and Vision as a family and that was cool. Billy and Tommy may be gone now but based on the post credits scene we probably haven’t seen the last of them. We got to sit with Wanda and her grief, and all of the complications that come with that. Did you want Wanda to pay for her actions in some type of way like getting arrested? A reality-bending witch? Right. She’s paying for her actions having to live with loss, hurt, and ultimately being alone once more.

WandaVision finale recap: MCU TV show serves a roller-coaster of an episode | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

You can say that a character like Monica Rambeau got shafted in the finale with a brief appearance. We can also say that Teyonah Parris became a star here, and Monica got the introduction she deserved. She was already a hero before she got thrown through the Hex a few times. Her story is just beginning. The courageous moments she was given in this show are a perfect springboard for her in the future. The chemistry between Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy Woo made the middle episodes so delightful. There can always be more payoff, and there can always be more story for these characters to be apart of down the line.

We also cannot talk about the critiques of this show without discussing the Quicksliver stuff. Kevin Feige said we were years off from getting X-Men related content. This is the first piece of material from Phase Four in the MCU. That’s on you if you expected anything along those lines. No Mephisto or Nightmare? Maybe we’ll see something in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany deserve their flowers, and the writers and creators too. Imagine what stuff they wanted to put in that they couldn’t, or didn’t have time for? It’s not something we ever consider. Not everyone may have preferred how the show concluded, but this is what they gave us. When it comes to WandaVision ultimately they may have not accomplished your mission, but they accomplished theirs.

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