‘WANDAVISIONS’ Jac Schaeffer on the Challenge of the Finale’s Action-Sequences

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We’ve been hearing more and more about what it’s like to work with Marvel Studios. Disney+ is some unknown territory for the production company and may have shifted their approach to adapt to the new format. Unlike their films, they can’t follow the usual three-act structure but have to find a different way of balancing the dramatic and action aspects of their projects. WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer shared the challenge she faced getting the fight scenes down after focusing primarily on the dramatic aspects of the story. In the interview with Hollywood Reporter she shares that:

The finale was the hardest because that’s the Marvel-iest part. It’s always tough to really nail down on the mythology. What does Agatha [Kathryn Hahn] want and what does her power set look like? What does that mean for Wanda? How do we make that interesting? What’s the chess board where all the players give everybody a satisfying conclusion? It’s the third act of a Marvel movie. I’ve been around the block on some of those, and they’re so fun — but that’s always the hardest to land.

Jac Schaeffer

She highlights that the iconic and gut-wrenching goodbye sequence was the clearest vision she had going into the project. Yet, the path filled with fights between two Visions and Wanda’s takedown of Agatha took the most time. Most of the series pays tribute to classic sitcoms and takes quite the shift in the finale. Schaeffer‘s comment does highlight that they are one of the most challenging aspects of these projects. Action sequences that tie the entire story together while also keeping a dramatic core aren’t easy to balance. It can sometimes drag down a strong story if it doesn’t nail the ending. Luckily, WandaVision was able to accomplish just that.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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