Warner Bros. Working on a New ‘I Am Legend’ Project

I Am legend remake

Sometimes there are some fun surprises hidden away in corners of articles about something completely unrelated. In a new piece by The Hollywood Reporter on an ongoing legal battle between Village Roadshow and Warner Bros. on the future of their franchises. In it, they reveal that a new I Am Legend adaptation is seemingly in development, as the article talks about films currently in development involving both parties.

Sadly there is no mention of how far the project is moving along, but it seems to imply it’ll be released as a film. It’s just a short mention alongside other projects currently in development co-owned by Village. The reason this is highlighted is that the company is seeking the rights to co-invest and co-own projects they share the rights with Warner Bros. This has become a prevalent issue with their goals of further promoting HBO Max by releasing half their film slate on the streaming platform, which may also include this release.

I Am Legend has been adapted quite a few times in the past, and it would be interesting to see how they’d update a new take. For some, the version including Will Smith might be the version most remember, as he tries to survive a post-apocalyptic world with his trusty dog by his side. It was an emotional story that is sure to connect with many viewers and given the current situation might’ve garnered even more relevance.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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