Netflix Developing ‘BioShock’ Film

BioShock fans may have a real reason to celebrate, as it looks like an adaptation of the famed franchise is finally underway.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed a film version of the popular video game series is now in early development at Netflix. The news comes after a year-long battle for BioShock‘s rights, which resulted in the original king of streaming coming out on top. Netflix will partner with Take-Two Interactive, the game’s parent company, to create what they believe has the potential to be a new cinematic universe. Take Two will also serve as the project’s producer, alongside Vertigo Entertainment. There are currently no writers or directors attached to work on the movie.

The first BioShock released in 2007. The plot centered around a protagonist named Jack, the lone survivor of a plane crash, as he attempted to navigate the dark, mysterious underwater city called Rapture. Featuring a steampunk vibe rooted in horror, the game saw Jack encounter drug-enhanced residents of the crumbling, fragmented civilization as well as terrifying mutated humans known as ‘Big Daddies.’ It’s still considered one of the best games ever created, and spawned two equally successful sequels in BioShock 2 and the critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite. A film adaptation from Pirates of the Caribbean filmmaker Gore Verbinski was once in the works, but fell apart due to conflicts over budget and rating. Hopefully the same doesn’t happen with this latest effort, as live-action takes on famous video games have historically done quite well on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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