‘Werewolf by Night’ Concept Art Reveals Monster in Color

Concept artist, Billy Christian, to share official concept artwork for ‘Werewolf by Night.’

Marvel Studios’ first Special Presentation, Werewolf by Night, was unique for quite a few reasons. Chief among them, however, was the short film’s commitment to displaying its dark new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost entirely in black and white. The spooky aesthetic helped cement the monsters of the world as memorable figures in the MCU’s character roster, but the visual filter wasn’t always going to be a part of the project. It took director Michael Giacchino a few tries to convince Marvel boss Kevin Feige to make the switch away from their traditional look, and in that time, it seems a few passes were made at designing the titular werewolf for a story told in full color.

Concept artist Billy Christian recently took to his Twitter account to unveil the final approved design for Gael García Bernal‘s Werewolf by Night. In the post, he confirms that he was unaware the special would eventually be done in black and white and says his art was intended to be used as a style guide for the rest of production. It was clearly still influential, as the practical look of the monster was essential to the overall vibe of the hour-long short.

The art is perhaps the best idea fans will get as to what Marvel’s werewolf may look like when he ultimately crosses paths with other heroes in their own colorful projects. A similar appearance can currently be seen in costume form at Disney Parks’ Avengers Campus, as an actor roams the lot dressed in full Werewolf by Night regalia.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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