‘WHAT IF…?’ Planned as an Annual Release on Disney+

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2021 became Marvel Studios’ big year of expansion, as they released their new series on Disney+. We’ve gotten introduced to various series that act as mini-series before the character’s journey into an upcoming film. Loki surprised audiences with the announcement of a second season, as it joined What If…? as the only series getting multiple season orders. It looks like a curious detail has slipped through the cracks, as Brad Winderbaum teased that they plan to keep the animated series as an annual release. As such, it would be Marvel Studios’ first series to get a yearly release.

We’ll see what happens. Obviously, I don’t want to predict the future with this new world we live in, but our intention is to make it an annual release.

We did find out earlier this month that the second season will include films from Phase 4. There’s no word if they will also include the Disney+ series in any capacity, but it seems likely they might get included at some point. Animation takes quite a bit of time, as they’ve already worked on the second seasonf or some time. So, if they want to keep their plans with an annual release, they might already be finalizing their plans for future seasons.

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Perhaps they get a chance to revisit some of the cancelled ideas teased by head writer A.C. Bradley. Of course, it’s uncertain if the same creative team will remain on the series, but the unique aspect of this show would allow anyone to jump on board to add a new twist on the concept. The multiverse is vast and allows for any possible combination of events to unleash. If anything, the last two episodes cemented that anything is possible and I am still thinking about the fact we have a zombie episode.

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