‘What If..?’s Captain Carter Getting Her Own Comic Series

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What If…? introduced us to a variety of characters that we are technically familiar with, but were given a new twist. Among them was the headliner character of Peggy Carter. Not only did Hayley Atwell return to voice the character one more time, but she got to tackle an alternative timeline where she becomes the one who receives the super-soldier formula. Well, it seems she was such a popular character that she is getting her own comic series that’ll premiere next March.

Jamie McKelvie, who worked on Captain Marvel and Young Avengers in the past, will tackle the new storyline about the popular character. Not just that, they also gave the character a fresh paint job with a whole new look that’ll be brought to life by Marika Cresta, who made a name for herself based on her work on Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. McKelvie offered

I’m as big a fan of the Captain Carter we’ve seen onscreen as anybody, so I jumped at the chance to create our own version. I’m having a great time exploring what it would be like for Peggy to wake up nearly 80 years after the end of the war. The world remembers the myth of Captain Carter, but to Peggy the reality was just yesterday. Now she finds herself in a nearly unrecognizable new world, how does she fit in? Can she be the Super Hero people want her to be?

Jamie McKelvie

The cover has been revealed for the five-issue limited series that’ll introduce Carter’s adventures in the modern day:

CAPTAIN CARTER #1 Cover by Jamie McKelvie

It’s great to see the comics take inspiration from the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, which in turn learns from those that came before. So, who knows what new ideas and concepts we might see get used by both companies as they learn from each other.

Source: Marvel

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