New ‘Hawkeye Funko Pops Unveiled for Kate and Clint Revealed

hawkeye funko

Always wanted to get into the Christmas spirit with the perfect ugly sweaters? So did Kate Bishop and Clint Barton did in the latest episode of Hawkeye. While one would expect a Yelena Belova-inspired Funko given her return at the end of the episode, but Funko was embracing the Christmas spirit and shared two new Funkos of our favorite new duo in their Holiday outfits, as they took some time to unwind. And yes, Clint even has his Grumpy Cat print on the sweater.

The designs are great, but, strangely, they wouldn’t want to bank on the return of a popular character from Black Widow. Her new suit probably won’t appear again with the iconic Sam Fisher-inspired look, as teased by some of the other trailers. So, they might add one in a more iconic look for the character later on. Of course, they might also release multiple sets this time around, and are keeping it alongside another new reveal with a certain “uncle.” Interestingly, Kate has the most amount of Funko Pops in the collection, but given the focus, she gets in the series it makes sense she’ll get highlighted quite a bit. Plus, she goes through the most looks in the series.

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