‘What If…?’s Episode 8 Will Be Standalone But Lead Into the Finale

what if episode 8

Ever since the first merchandise dropped for What If…?, we got the tease of a team-up. They were called the Guardians of the Multiverse and it let us know that the once anthology series might be more connected than we initially thought. The ending of the Party Thor episode introduced us to the threat that would bring the team together, a Variant of Ultron powered by the Infinity Stones. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Bryan Andrews also highlighted how they carefully mapped out the season to build up to this very point of the final episodes.

It was designed to be a certain way, and some people have been vibing and savvy enough to notice that we’re slowly seeing more and more of the Watcher’s visual appearance as we move forward. And that was all orchestrated from the very beginning. It’s all now coming to an arrow’s tip point.

Bryan Andrew
What If...?

Writer A.C. Bradley also confirms in the same interview that while the next episode is standalone, but will lead into the ninth and final for this season. She highlights that “you can watch 8 as a standalone, but 9 is – for once we answer the end tag.” They highlight the exploration of the Watcher’s role throughout the series and the imminent threat of Ultron, or the Supreme Leader, might push him to break his oath. With the recently released poster, we’ve come to learn that Ultron will take center stage in the next episode. So, we’ll probably recap his journey to gaining the stones and why he ventures out into the vast multiverse.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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