Where ‘WANDAVISION’ Excelled

Eight weeks have passed since the WandaVision premiere and we’re now finally able to look back at the show as a whole. Being the first Marvel Studios production to use the more traditional television episodic format we knew from the start that its end product would differ from the usual theatrical releases, and we got exactly that. What audiences would probably not be expecting, especially coming from the MCU, was that the show would pack such a huge emotional punch. 

Marvel movies have always been characterized by the brilliance of the action pieces, the larger-than-life characters, and the growing spectacle that’s been developing in every single theatrical release for over a decade. We’ve certainly have had our share of emotional moments throughout, but the biggest ones have always been towards characters that have been developed in several movies, with an immense amount of screentime at their disposal. When this is the case, it’s easier to connect with audiences for the simple fact that those characters have been there for the amount of time that they have, and attachments are naturally created.

But WandaVision manages to accomplish the same thing with characters that were either just now added into the MCU or that have had limited screentime ever since their introduction, which is hardly easy. Many fans already had a soft spot for both Wanda or/and The Vision and that obviously helped, but the writing on the show was competent enough to take that to a whole new level, as they brought both Billy and Tommy along for the ride.

The show was always, at the core, about family. About the family we lose, the family we gain, the family we cherish, the family that makes us who we are, and perhaps most importantly, the family that makes us want to be better, something Wanda ended up doing by the end of the show. WandaVision was brilliant in the way it showed us just how much family truly means, how far we’re willing to go to bring happiness to the ones we love, even if sometimes in a somewhat (to put it mildly) selfish manner. Wanda and Vision’s love for each other and their children became as real as it gets, with them always wearing their hearts on their sleeves regarding the twins. They were always the first thing on their minds whenever danger was looming, and even Wanda’s immediate reflex when seeing that both would be gone if she released everybody from the Hex was to save them, not the entire town even if she knew that was what needed to be done. She showed us that she would put everything on the line just the keep them beside her. But as soon as she understood what needed to happen, she left them with words that only enhance their importance to her, and that quite possibly are even a small hint of events still to come:

You know… a family is forever. We could never truly leave each other, even if we tried.

If WandaVision was about Wanda discovering a new family that filled her need for one, we’re sure to be getting Wanda searching for her lost children as the following chapters of her MCU story unfold. It appears that she hasn’t quite given up on it, and bringing back the twins seems like quite the priority, as the post-credit scene seems to suggest. The seeds of this newfound meaning to her journey were planted in the season that just ended, in what is perhaps the greatest achievement of the entire show.

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