‘X-Men ’97’ Episode Count, Tentative Release Date Revealed

One of the biggest revelations from the first ever Disney Plus day was the revival of one of Marvel’s most beloved animated series, X-Men, which ran for 76 episodes over 5 season from 1992-1997. The new series, X-Men ’97, will see the return of not only many members of the original voice cast, but also many of the original creatives behind the show.

Two of those creatives, consulting producers Erica and Julia Lewald, recently discussed the revival in an interview with YouTuber Justin Underwood and gave some insight into the new season’s episode count and when fans can expect to see it on Disney Plus.

I believe they’re looking at 10 episodes for the first season that’s going to come out mid-next year. They’re starting it soon after ours ended…”Where is [Professor X?]”

Eric Lewald

A mid-2023 debut it is! It’s also great to get confirmation that the series will pick up right where it left off as Lewald’s comments are in reference to the ending of the original series, which saw a badly injured Charles Xavier leave Earth with Shi’ar Empress, Lilandra Neramani. According to Lewald, the new season will start there and “bulld off that.”

The animated series represents the first X-Men content produced by Marvel Studios since the Fox merger and just the tip of the iceberg of the studio’s plans for the huge roster of characters.

Source: YouTube

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