Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez Will Teach Doctor Strange about the Multiverse

doctor strange america chavez

We’ve all wondered just what may unleash Doctor Strange into the multiverse. The end of Spider-Man: No Way Home seemingly hinted that his own actions might be the trigger that opens up the world to a threat far beyond its comprehension. Yet, Strange did mention that very little is known about the multiverse. Which would mean he’d require a guide in his time throughout it. As it turns out, Xochitl Gomez‘s America Chavez will take on exactly that role for the character, as revealed by its director Sam Raimi in an interview with Empire.

Strange is still learning about the Multiverse. And here’s a character that can actually travel through it. He’s such a know-it-all all the time, and to have to learn from a kid probably smarts.

Sam Raimi
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness – exclusive

It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the character’s ego and what it might mean for his development throughout the story. The latest trailer hinted at him being accused for something, which may also be the act of one of his Variants but the almost Sorcerer Supreme might get humbled throughout the story. Benedict Cumberbatch does highlight that this story is “a lot of self-discovery” for the character.

There’s a lot of reckoning. And a lot of self-discovery. Strange is almost a stranger to himself before this film unfolds and reveals what, essentially, is in his nature, that he then has to either confront or resist or fall into or become

Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s a fitting direction for the character, who has mostly been a side character up to this point. Taking him out of an environment he is familiar with and adding a new character with more experience would definitely push him to let go. We saw a compassionate Strange when he helped Peter make the hardest decision in his life, but who knows how forgetting him may have affected him as well. Perhaps he no longer wants to let anyone near him out of fear of losing again, even if subconsciously. Whatever it may be, we’ll find out in May and cannot wait to see how they explore the multiverse.

Source: Empire

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