Leaked ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Set Photos Tease Sith-Themed Mandalorians

mandalorian set photos

The continuation of Din Djarin’s story has been highly anticipated after The Book of Boba Fett gave us the reunion of Baby Yoda and Djarin. While it felt a bit sudden shortly after they separated, it did open up a lot of possibilities on what The Mandalorian Season 3 might explore. It’s almost impossible to predict what direction they might take, but a slew of set photos have leaked online that may offer a glimpse into what they’re planning.

What stands out in the images are the bright red Mandalorian-like helmets. They seem to share the same color as the Sith Troopers that we see in the sequel trilogy, but with the overall design used for Mandalorian helmets. The split in the middle is the only oddity in its design. The third image does hint at another empire base being visited. Perhaps a group of rogue Mandalorians has aligned themselves with them. The material also seems to be closer to Trooper armor rather than the usual Beskar. Plus, don’t have any horns, which excludes a connection to Darth Maul’s time as the ruler of Mandalore. It’ll be interesting to see how these factor into the series whenever it premieres.

The Empire is probably still after poor Grogu, who still has an affinity for using the Force. Perhaps his action son Tatooine might have put him back on their radar, as he and his father are on the run. The Mandalorian also set up an eventual battle for Mandalore, as Djarin would become the person to wield the Darksaber. So, we’ll see if these helmets are from those hunting him down.

Source: Twitter

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