‘NO TIME TO DIE’ Final Trailer Uploaded Early on YouTube

no time to die trailer

Many films were faced with quite a few delays since the pandemic hit the world back in 2020. Among them was the next entry in the James Bond 007 franchise featuring Daniel Craig in the titular role. No Time to Die is eyeing an October 8th release and it looks like the trailer has accidentally gotten released early on YouTube, as it is currently not listed but available in the official James Bond 007 YouTube’s trailer playlist. You can check out the final trailer for the upcoming film here:

The footage includes some iconic moments from his previous films and highlights every mission he has gone through. It seems to highlight that the upcoming entry will be the grand finale for Craig‘s time as the iconic UK agent. At least, the trailer is trying to sell it like it was the Avengers: Endgame of the franchise. What continues to stand out with the latest entry is the action. We get a bit more from the car stunt that was teased in earlier trailers as well as glimpses of the various weaponry that he’ll fall back on. He even is working alongside Lashana Lynch‘s 007, who took over the title in his absence.

It’s not uncommon for trailers to get uploaded ahead of their release, but it’s curious that it’s set as unlisted. The official Twitter account did share a special sneak peak focused on the Aston Martin. So, it may have been to kick off today’s final trailer release but was accidentally available when you access the playlist.

Source: YouTube

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