Alaqua Cox Confirms MCU’s Echo Will Have Her Comic Powers

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Marvel Studios’ streaming series Hawkeye is set to introduce several major new characters to the MCU when it hits Disney Plus next month. While much of the buzz before the series went into production centered on whether or not Hailee Steinfeld would sign on as Kate Bishop, newcomer Alaqua Cox quickly came into the spotlight when it was announced that her character, Maya Lopez, would have her spinoff series.

Lopez, better known as Echo to comic readers, like Cox, may not have been a household name, but her performance in Hawkeye filled Marvel Studios with enough confidence to greenlight an Echo series just as the character has risen to prominence in the comics. Now the host of the Phoenix Force, Echo is one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe; however, before her run-in with the Ravager of Worlds, Echo was already an elite martial artist, able to stand toe-to-toe with Daredevil. Using her “photographic reflexes”, Echo has been able to perfectly emulate the fighting techniques of anyone she’s watched, making her more than a match for most opponents.

While it was originally unclear if Marvel Studios would adapt Echo’s unique gifts, Cox seems to have indicated they will in a recent interview with People Magazine:

Maya is a bada– woman. She can pick up fighting moves after watching it one time

Alaqua Cox

So far we’ve only seen one quick look at Echo in the promotional footage for Hawkeye which means we’re all in for a treat when she gets involved in the action. In the comics, she was able to prepare to fight her opponents by watching footage of their past rumbles; in a time when any and everything is recorded and available on the internet, Echo could quickly and easily prepare for just about any opponent. It’ll be fun to see how Marvel Studios interprets her abilities to live-action and who takes the first beating at her hands Hawkeye begins streaming on November 24th on Disney Plus with a two-episode premiere.

Source: People Magazine

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